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Our main focus at EMIG is to support our Members in the exchange of ideas and sharing of insights from across Europe to assist each individual Member in the delivery of the services they provide in their local markets. To facilitate this, EMIG hosts a number of Member events throughout the year – each designed to advance Member understanding of the challenges faced by their peers across European markets and also to share insights and learnings on key opportunities that have helped Members to prosper and develop in their local markets. Discussions on the unique role which mutual insurance organisations focused on serving the needs of local authorities and state bodies across Europe are also to the forefront of these interactions. These interactions, and the sharing of knowledge which they facilitate, are at the heart of what we do in EMIG


Annual EMIG Conference

Annual EMIG Conference

The Annual EMIG Conference is the marque event facilitated by EMIG on behalf of it’s Members. Hosted by the President of EMIG, this annual event provides all Members with dedicated time to reflect up

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