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About Us


EMIG (European Municipal Insurance Group) is a European group of local authority insurance mutuals, and its purpose is to promote the exchange of information about local authority insurance and thus improve the insurance services available to local government.  EMIG currently has members from 5 countries: Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland and Switzerland.

EMIG’s activities revolve around an annual seminar hosted by each member in turn, generally in early autumn, coinciding with the host member’s presidency of EMIG. Usually, the host company gives a presentation on its own structure, business and any recent developments. All members are also invited to report on the current situation on their own national insurance market, their company’s position and any new national legislation that might be of interest to members. With that background information, the members then debate issues of joint interest. A report on recent activities in the EU Institutions is another standard item. External speakers are also invited to give members technical insight into specific subjects. Favourite themes include public procurement, risk management, Solvency, medical professional liability insurance, the European mutual, the new technologies and motor insurance, the role of brokers, and health care.

In addition, a working group meeting is held in February at the EMIG secretariat in Brussels.

Finally, EMIG is also a platform for its members to build or develop operational exchanges on a bilateral or multilateral basis.

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